Basic Commands for WRGPT
(World Tournament)

BET $x Equivalent to MAKE $x. When it is your turn to bet, BET $x is equivalent to plain $x. BET $x is useful there because it allows switches whereas $x does not.
CALL $x Call any bet up to $x, fold otherwise. Note that CALL $0 will check or fold when it is your turn. Recommended highly when after looking at your hole cards you decide you will fold no matter what, but also useful in later betting rounds.
CALL * Call any amount. Equivalent to RAISE $0 (see below).
FOLD Fold at the earliest opportunity. The FOLD command will bet $0 until you fold or the hand is over. (Equivalent to CALL/S $0; see next section for explanation of /S switch).
MAKE $x Attempt to make the bet $x. For example, if you send in MAKE $1000 and by the time the action reaches you it is $400 to you, you end up making a $600 raise. If it was $1000 to you you would be calling. If it was more than $1000 to you, your action would fail and you would be getting mail saying that you need to make another bet.
RAISE $x Attempt to raise $x. If the raise isn't large enough you'll get an error message and a chance to make another bet. Note that RAISE $0 will call any bet. Use with care when playing no-limit.
POT Bet, or call and raise, the pot. If you don't have that much, go all in. This works in no-limit as well.
CHECK Equivalent to MAKE $0. You intend to check, but if someone bets, you get a chance to make a different decision.
JAM Bet the maximum amount allowed, eg. the pot in Pot Limit, or your entire bankroll in No Limit.
UNDO Undo any advance action.
  You can change your mind about these bets; just send in a new bet and it will override the existing one (provided your mail gets there in time of course).
Last Updated: 05/25/99
Scot Wolfington