Posted to BARGE mail list by Ken Anderson 7/10/97

This was sent out about last year's poker tourney by the Right Honorable Mr. Zimmers. 
Again, it is probably close to what they will do this year.

------ 1996 poker tourney rules -----

Here is the rules and stuff for the poker tournament.


1.      With two (2) blinds, the smallest blind is left of the button.
2.      When two (2) players are left, the small blind is on the button.
3.      When it becomes necessary to adjust the placement of the button and blinds because of a player elimination, a player cannot miss the big blind. Because of this, the button may remain in the same position for more than one hand.
4.      In a split pot, the player left of the button receives the odd chip.
5.      In no-limit, to qualify as a raise, the raise must be at least the size of the original bet or the largest previous raise ot that betting round.
6.      In no-limit there is no limitation on the number of raises.
7.      The winning hand must show both cards.
8.      There will be a ten (10) minute break every two (2) hours during the tournament play. If it is necessary for you to leave the table at any other time, the dealer will post your antes and blinds as due. Your hand is still live if you return to the table by the time it is your turn to act.
9.      At the start of the tournament the dealer will deal one card face up to each player and the high hand by suit will receive the dealer button. This procedure will be repeated when players redraw for seating.
10.     The floorman's decision is final.


1st level       $10-$25
2nd level       $25-$50
3rd level       $50-$100
4th level       $75-$150
5th level       $100-$200
6th level       $200-$400
7th level       $300-$600
8th level       $500-$1000
9th level       $1000-$2000
10th level      $1500-$3000
11th level      $2000-$4000



Everyone making the final table will be awarded a limited-edition BARGE jacket and we will pay two tables if the number of entries is 125 or greater (editor's note: it will be).


1st             40%
2nd             20%
3rd             10%
4th              6.5%
5th              5.0%
6th              3.5%
7th              2.5%
8th              2.0%
9th              1.5%
10th-12th        1.2%
13th-15th        1.0%
16th-18th        0.8%